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Concrete Overlays

Concrete polymer overlay  applied to fix failing front entry area.

Premium polymer overlays can be a better choice than tearing out unsightly concrete areas. With a higher strength overlay, and a solid foundation, these can be made to look like wood, tile , rock and many creative other finishes.

Epoxy Flake Floors

Finishing touches on a custom epoxy flake floor system

Want durability and easy maintenance ? Broadcast Flake foors by Fast Finish has stunning color combinations that will enhance any garage or basement floor. With a standard vapor barrier rated epoxy and durable top coat options for every situation.

Pressure Washing


Done correctly, pressure washing with high end tools can give immediate results. Used  primarily for seler preparation on most concrete surfaces and pavers. driveway sealer Salem

Concrete Grinding

Concrete resurfacing with a floor grinder and hepa vacuum set up. Salem Oregon

Concrete resurfacing  is used for preparation for Epoxy or cement overlays as well as polishing concrete to desired finishes involving stains and sealers.  Fast Finish Salem oregon


Good sealers keep water out of the pores of the concrete and keep the errosion  at bay from expansio

Sealers that penetrate and Sealers that form a topical coating. Which one is right for your application? Fast Finish has 25 years of experience to help match up the right sealer for your project needs. Not all sealers work the same. concrete sealer concrete contractors

Natural Stone

Natural Stone tile cleaning and sealing by Fast Finish of Salem Oregon

High tech equipment made especially for cleaning and restoring natural stone floors. Travertine, Slate, Marble require a working knowledge of appropriate cleaners as well as sealers required to do the job right.

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