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Epoxy Coatings-Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy Information

Concrete Preparation Grinding

preparing a garage floor for epoxy coating

Proper preparation is needed for a premium floor. Acid washing is the least effective means of proper prep, often suggested by box store installation kits.

Epoxy Quality


 The quality of the epoxy is a vital part of a premium installation. A vapor barrier grade epoxy that integrates into the concrete is ideal for Oregon climates garage floor epoxy epoxy floors Salem

Proper Epoxy selection

Epoxy garage floor installations in salem Oregon

Different epoxy types for garages , retail, or residential interior coatings vary with the type of use that will take place.  Proper selection is vital to longevity.

Do it yourself?

bad epoxy can peel away

 Follow all the instructions properly and you can still have issues from DIY boxstore products. To save costs,  quality of product coupled with improper preparation often leads to  premature failure & dissapointing results

Industrial Grade Epoxy

Installation by a coatings expert like Fast Finish adds long term value to any project

 Epoxy has the flexibility to be used in industrial settings with different build coats to meet the demanding work environments.


From start to finish an epoxy floor can often be complete within 2-3 days time and ready for service

Clients have more color choices with custom mixes available. Most floors can be completed and ready in three days for most garages or interiors.

Epoxy Examples

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