Elite Crete Overlay

Micro Finish


Super smooth polymer concrete  overlayment for specific smooth floor finishes.

Texture Pave


Perfect use for hand trowled and stamped finished overlays needing more texture.

Thin Finish


The all purpose polymer cement can be used to fix unsightly finishes on concrete indoors or outdoors. decorative concrete concrete stain epoxy floors



Chemstone is an indoor only line of stains and dyes that  have the extra vibrant colors. Not used outdoors due to UV fading.



Reflector enhanced floor systems are indoor floors that give the extra eye popping effects. Great for retail establishments that want to make a memorable statement with a wow factor.

Colorfast Chart

Outdoor UV protectective colors for concrete overlays

 Color fast can be integral  to any concrete overlay providing a base color in the concrete materials They are  UV stable for that purpose.

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